09.01.2020 - We enter the studio in march to record a new full lenght

21.05.2019 - The new compilation "Kraft(Werk)" is out now!!! Check it out as digital release on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.

25.08.2018 - We recorded a cover song of Judas Iscariot - An Eternal Kingdome Of Fire. We release it next time through bandcamp 

12.06.2018 - New Song out now "Death Notice"

10.01.2018 - We work on new stuff. New song was recorded. Release soon

27.06.2017 - New Live-Dates now!

29.03.2017 - Tape Version of "Allgegenwärtig" out now!!!

04.03.2017 - New album has been released! Check it out!

25.11.2016 - Our music is now available by "Spotify", "Deezer" and "Amazon Music"

24.11.2016 - We annoucing our new Album "Allgegenwärtig" - The record release party is at 25.02.2017 in Berlin@Nuke Club (ex-K17) with ANGEL COPRSE, THE COMMITTEE and CIRITH GORGOR. Release Through Folter Records

02.10.2016 - New Gig at Under the Black Sun 2017 > Check Live Blastphemies!!!

26.09.2016 - New Album release in January 2017

24.08.2016 - New Gig @ Necrotic Flames of War V > Check Live Blastphemies!

29.05.2016 - Next step for the upcoming album finished: Guitar Recordings at Blasphemy Halls!

26.04.2016 - More Live Dates announced > Check out Live Blastphemies!

22.04.2016 - The drumrecordings for our upcoming album are finished!

24.03.2016 - Some live pictures from our tour stop at LittleDevil in Tilburg/NL added

18.02.2016 - New T-Shirt and Hoodie available - find out more under Merch of Blood!

27.01.2016 - Both albums are now out on tape - limited to 100 copies.

17.01.2016 - New Blastphemy in March in Esslingen am Neckar > Check under Live Blastphemies for details!

06.12.2015 - Three more Blastphemies are unleashed on a small tour in march in BEL & NL

06.12.2015 - Forest Fest Open Air (CH) will get a Blastphemy!

29.10.2015 - Another Blastphemy at Wicked Alliance Live on saturday 23/01/2016 in Erlenbach a.M.!!!

28.10.2015 - Zeremonie der Schatten is sold out - well done, folks!

15.09.2015 - Sturmglanz Webzine posted a review from the last gig, get the link from Reviews

27.08.2015 - Spontaneous Blastphemy: We play at Hell Unleashed Chapter III in Zwickau coming saturday!!!

21.07.2015 - New Gig at Zeremonie der Schatten - Check out Live Blastphemy for details!

23.04.2015 - Don't forget our gig at Insane Insanity #8 on saturday 25/04/2015!

02.04.2015 - The next print issue of south american magazine The Pain Factory ( will feature an interview with Thymos!

21.02.2015 - We recorded a new song for the "Blasphemy Halls Sampler". Release in April.

14.01.2015 - New Gig at  Chapeau / Klingenberg!!! Look under Live Blastphemy!!!

15.10.2014 - Two new live members! "Wudur" and "Terrorin" joined the Temple.