05.05.2014 - The split release via "Folter Records" is in June

05.05.2014 - New Gig at "Kaiserkeller" Hamburg!!! Look under Live Blastphemy!!!

11.02.2014 - S.O.B. plays on the "Boarstream Open Air"!!! Look under Live Blastphemy!!!

11.02.2014 - Blood Hammer leave the Band for general time. He has too much to do in his private life. We wich him all the best!!!

11.02.2014 - The Split CD with "Chant of Blasphemy" will be released in April through "Folter Records". They is limited to 300 copys.

10.09.2013 - Today we are starting the recordings for the split cd with "Chant of Blasphemy"!!! It will be released through "Folter Records".

22.07.2013 - We are going to do a Split  with "Chant of Blasphemy"

22.07.2013 - The gig with "Nargaroth" in Berlin is canceld!!!

12.04.2013 - New live shows!!! Look under "live blastphemy"!!!

12.04.2013 - "Tavor" is back from the grave!!! He plays the second razorblade live!!!

01.03.2013 - New Album out now!!! New Merch out now!!!

15.01.2013 - We had tech. problems with the album. The release come three weeks later.

08.01.2013 - The new Longplayer "Ultimate Destination" come out this mounth.

26.11.2012 - Album Finished!!! The second Longplayer "Ultimate Destination" is finished. In December 2012 "Folter Records" released the album.

26.10.2012 - New Gig: 4-6.07.2013 Under The Black Sun Festival in Berlin

24.10.2012 - New Gig: 11.02.2013 Chapaue in Klingenberg with Khaos Aeon, Betrayed and Rohavart. Eintritt: 5€

24.10.2012 - Streams of Blood Tour dates 2013: Streams of Blood/Selbstentleibung/Betrayed/Rohavart

06.03.2013 Jugendhaus in Erlenbach am Main (with Khaos Aeon)
07.03.2013 From Hell in Erfurt
08.03.2013 Blackland in Berlin
09.03.2013 Vfrr in Großerlach (with Khaos Aeon)
10.10.2012 - The Vocals are finished and here you can watch the Drum Recording Session:


                         Check it out and feel free to leave comments.


24.07.2012 - The recording for drums, guitars and bass are finished!!! In august we record the vocals

08.05.2012 - NEW GIG : 13.07.2012 in Steinbruch-Theater Darmstadt.

                                            Together with DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT... More infos soon.

08.05.2012 - New Studio Update : We record the drums in TONSTUDIO WÜRZBURG with Nikita Kamprad from DER

                                                              WEG EINER  FREIHEIT at 26.05 until 28.05.2012.                                                            

16.04.2012 - We enter the AMP Studios in Duisburg at 07.05.2012 up to 13.05.2012

16.04.2012 - Rehearsal for the Coming Album.

                        Blood-Hammer Statement:

                        ,,This Speed is unhuman, the song-structure is clever and of course brutal and the Vocals are from 

                           deepest Abyss from hell''

                        ,,The lyrical theme is human mind, Dying humanity, inner destruction and the fucking end of all live!!!''


05.03.2012 - New Shirts out now!!! Motive: ''Merch of Blood''

06.02.2012 - GIG: 20.02.12 in Klingenberg. The name of the location is "Chapeau". Start at 9 pm.

30.01.2012 - The Nocturnal Hate Festival is canceled.

14.01.2012 - S.O.B. on "Vienna in War 3" in Wien.

04.01.2012 - New live Bassist: Nasar

04.01.2012 - May 2012 we Enter the Fucking Studios for a new Blast-Fucking-CD

06.10.2011 - "The Descent to the Source of Disorder" out now.

29.08.2011 - S.O.B. on Insane Insanity Festival in Erlenbach. date: 28.10.2011

29.08.2011 - The release date for the first Album "The Descent To The Source Of Disorder" is 23.09.2011

29.08.2011 - "Articaz" and "Ketzer Records" release the first S.O.B. Album "The Descent To The Source Of Disorder"

27.03.2011 - S.O.B. on Svartnatt 4 in Waldbrunn.  Flyer:  "Live Blastphemy"

25.01.2011 - S.O.B. on Brutal Brutality Festival in Erlenbach am Main


25.01.2011 - The official  STREAMS OF BLOOD Homepage is online