Streams Of Blood = Brutal Anti-Human Black Metal!!!

Origin: Erlenbach am Main/Bavaria (Germany)

Influences: Darkness, Death, Hate, Emptiness, Depression, Negativism


Evolution of Blood


The veins were cut open in 2009 by Thymos and Tavor.


First blood spilled in September 2009: Recorded during suicidal summer months, with Torturer,  at the drums, Antilife was released.


In winter 2010, Bloodhammer crossed their paths and joined as permanent percussionist. It was then when SoB started playing live-shows.


September 2011 marked The Descent to the Source of Disorder's release through Articaz and Ketzer-Records as SoB's first full length album.


Second output Ultimate Destination was spit out by Folter Records in 2013.


Fourth release and a shared feast of misanthropy was Chant Of Blasphemy's and SoB's split Infernal Lamontations in 2014.


After three long years of human and anti-human celebrations, Allgegenwärtig saw the light of dark days in 2017. It was again released by Folter Records.


"Streams of Blood stay true to their musical ideals, but are growing in taking them a step further: fusing musical abysses of raging-brutal, epic blasthymns with sometimes trance-like, often grooving athmosphere orgies of shattering riffs and cold-hearted, distant vocals. "Allgegenwärtig" is about the ever-present that surrounds the Band, and the dissonating insights they gain. About life and death, light and darkness, excesses and spirtuality. It is Streams of Blood's inner voices roaring from the abysses of souls, fed by the chaos of the worlds." (Streams of Blood Promo 2017)


April 2019 "Kraft(Werk)" was born. A compilation full of anger and hate. 13 tracks was new recorded, mixed and mastered.


October 2020 - ErlØsung  spread over the infected World through The_Hidden_Art



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